Documents in Medieval Latin

John Thorley
A unique approach to reading medieval Latin


This handbook of medieval Latin texts is designed for historians of the Middle Ages with some knowledge of Latin who wish to be able to read a wide range of original source material. It broadens the traditional scope of medieval Latin readers by including historical documents such as deeds and charters along with traditional literary samples. Within the context of a running narrative, Thorley starts with texts from the Anglo-Saxon period and then moves through subsequent centuries genre by genre. Each text is accompanied by a grammatical and historical commentary, both of which allow for independent study. In addition, all selections are translated at the back of the book.

Documents in Medieval Latin will be useful to students of medieval history, literature, and philosophy and those interested in reading more about the Middle Ages. Thorley's cheerful approach, the lively and representative selections of tests, and the documentary and epigraphic focus will prove valuable for those wishing to explore these vital original sources.

John Thorley teaches medieval Latin at Lancaster University.

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