Great Debates

Language and Culture Skills for ESL Students
Meredith Westfall and John McCarthy
Debating and discussion tips for ESL learners


Is Taking Sides too advanced for your students? Try Great Debates .

This book provides vocabulary, conversation tips, language learning tips, and discussion activities to help students debate on a wide variety of fairly non-controversial topics, from dining in or eating out, using the phone or e-mail, type A or type B, fiction or non-fiction, love at first sight or love over time, to diet or exercise.

Along with the discussion activities, the book contains some reading, writing, and vocabulary activities.

Each of the 30 units includes:

  • pre-debate discussion questions
  • new vocabulary words
  • a reading that outlines both sides of the debate
  • comprehension questions
  • discussion activities that include expressions used indebate-related speech acts and those pertaining to language learning
  • writing assignments
  • idiom and vocabulary review.

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  • 2004
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