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Beginning Reading Practices

Building Reading and Vocabulary Strategies
Keith S. Folse
An indispensable text for teaching and reinforcing grammar, reading, and vocabulary skills at a beginning level


SKILL LEVEL: Beginning

The reading skills emphasized in this text include using context clues, drawing conclusions, understanding factual information, finding the main idea, reading for specific information, sequencing material, making predictions, using outlines to understand text organization, summarizing material, raising students' awareness of the role of a linguistic point with a passage, and reading for enjoyment.

The vocabulary employed has been controlled to match the students' English ability. The grammatical structures used in the exercises and selections have been chosen so as to coordinate with those most likely to be studied in any beginning ESL grammar or integrated-skills class. Beginning Reading Practices teaches students the skills that will help them deal with unfamiliar vocabulary. Timed word recognition and reading exercises help improve reading rates. An answer key is included.

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