Renewing Jewish Faith

Rabbi Irwin Groner
Insightful observations on Judaism by this popular Southfield, Michigan, rabbi


A good sermon is an art, as much in the way it is put together as delivered. Renewing Jewish Faith is Rabbi Irwin Groner at the top of his form, and this moving, insightful, and lucidly written collection offers observations on Judaism and a lively presentation of the values of the Jewish faith.

The focus of Rabbi Groner's sermons is the central importance of the synagogue in the renewal of Jewish life—it is the institution in which Jewish values achieve permanence. He often argues that human nature cannot be understood exclusively in secular terms and that the religious dimension of human existence must be understood as the basis by which life itself acquires meaning. In this spirit, Rabbi Groner's sermons give voice to both the optimistic and pessimistic opinions about the future of Jewish life in the free world.

Groner addresses basic issues confronting Jewish beliefs and tradition in contemporary life. After the first section, "Folk," the book goes on to address faith, family, freedom, forgiveness, and future with sermons such as "When Life Is Not Fair," "On Attaining Maturity," and "The Challenge of Freedom."

Whether you are familiar with Rabbi Groner's writings or not, Renewing Jewish Faith is a timeless contribution to the study of human nature and a must-have collection of some of his best sermons.

Irwin Groner has been the Rabbi at Congregation Shaarey Zedek in Southfield, Michigan, since 1959.

Praise / Awards

  • "One of the greatest challenges for contemporary religious leaders is delivering a really good sermon - a message that is at once insightful and meaningful, concise and focused, respectful of the sacred text and the occasion, inspiring and relevant to the gifts and needs of the congregation. Having myself struggled to put words together for countless sermons over the past half-century, I recognize a great sermon when I hear it.

    Rabbi Irwin Groner has the special God-given talent of being such a spokesman for God's Word, a gift he has generously shared on a regular basis with his congregants at Shaarey Zedek for over four decades. Every word is carefully chosen, the imagery captivating, and the message heartfelt. As a frequent Dialogue partner with Rabbi Groner, I know that his sermons from the High Holy Days will offer people of all religious backgrounds insight, challenge, and consolation. Rabbi Groner clearly knows and loves the Word of God; anyone who reads these sermons will readily share his passion and grow in love for the Almighty and His living Word."
    —Adam Cardinal Maida
  • "Rabbi Groner's sermons speak 'from the heart to the heart'. They speak directly of the transcendent human yearnings for understanding and connection, for brotherhood and peace.

    The Rabbi's words demonstrate his remarkable ability to understand our innermost fears and needs. The reader is then inspired to share in the author's vision: that our response to injustice and cruelty should not be rebellion, but faith in the power of each of us to help our battered world."
    —Carl Levin, Senator, State of Michigan
  • "In this treasure of wisdom and insight from Rabbi Irwin Groner, a distinguished leader of our Jewish community, we experience the equivalent of a sanctuary from which we can draw strength and acceptance of our individual circumstances."
    —Hilda Gage, Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals
  • "We come to the synagogue on the High Holy Days to as for a favorable judgment from the Almight on our lives for the year to come. For more than 40 years, Rabbi Irwin Groner has guided the members of this Congregation in these efforts and, particularly, enhancing their lives by his messages. I have been one of the beneficiaries of his words. I am grateful that they are now available for all to read in the years to come."
    —Hon. Avern L. Cohn, U.S. District Judge
  • "Some individuals, by their presence and leadership, lift the generations they represent so that all whose lives come in contact with theirs walk on higher ground: Rabbi Irwin Groner is such an individual.

    After reading this book, I am reminded of a passage in Scripture, which the voice of the Lord declares: 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?' Isaiah said simply, 'Here I am. Send me.' Rabbi Groner has answered a spiritual calling of his own, which he shares with his people."
    —Hon. Damon J. Keith, US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit
  • "This wonderful collection of Rabbi Groner's sermons is inspirational and instructional. His teachings on faith, family, freedom, forgiveness, and the future are universal in their appeal and will touch the hearts and souls of people from every faith and community. His sermons give us reasons for hope, questions to ponder, and inspiration to make ourselves and our communities better. Through these discourses, Rabbi Groner opens the doors of the synagogue for all to enter and experience a greater understanding of and appreciation for Judaism."
    —Jennifer Granholm, Governor - State of Michigan
  • "Filled with beautiful stories and deep wisdom, Rabbi Groner draws upon his years of experience as one of America's leading Rabbis to offer us a smile, some consolation, and messages that linger for a lifetime."
    —Rabbi David Wolpe, author of "The Healer of Shattered Hearts
  • "So much hard work goes into the creation of a quality sermon, and upon its completion, it will be forgotten by some, remembered inaccurately by others and cherished forever by a few. That is why it is such a blessing that Rabbi Irwin Groner, one of America's leading Conservative rabbis, has collected his sermons in book form so that we can all have access to them."
    —Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of "When Bad Things Happen to Good People"
  • "Rabbi Irwin Groner has been preaching and teaching his people for over forty years, with fortitude and diligence.
    Rabbi Groner has much to show for his efforts, as evident in these sermons, each one carefully crafted, thoughtful, and wise."
    —Rabbi Jack Riemer, co-editor of "A Treasure of Ethical Wills".

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