Reading Skills for Success

A Guide to Academic Texts
Thomas A. Upton


Reading Skills for Success is a guide to advanced reading skills that can be used in conjunction with any freshman-level text. It is an excellent sequel to Reader's Choice, 4th edition.

Students using this book will develop their text-based processing skills by developing better understanding of word-level clues and recognizing different types of text structures. The appendixes include two sample textbook chapters—the first on ecosystems and the second on the diffusion of languages—so students may practice what they have learned.

Activities are designed to improve:

  • analytical reading of academic prose
  • the ability to apply one's knowledge to what is read by identifying textual relationships and structural organization of the paragraphs and the text
  • reading of complex academic texts with in-depth and long-term understanding using test-preparation and note-taking strategies.

An answer key is included.

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