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The Grammar Guide

Developing Language Skills for Academic Success
Nancy M. Ackles


The Grammar Guide was written for bilingual and second language English students (including Generation 1.5) who already know a lot of English but who may not have studied a lot of grammar and haven't felt confident in a grammar class. This is an advanced textbook of grammar that explains some of the more difficult but important aspects of grammar that will help students in colleges and universities succeed in their academic work.

Among the grammar points taught are modals, tenses, passive voice, articles,subject-verb agreement, modifiers and comparisons, gerunds and infinitives, adverb clauses, adjective clauses, the subjunctive, conditionals, and participial phrases.

The Grammar Guide also:

  • develops writing skills, through a focus on grammar and vocabulary
  • increases academic vocabulary using the 800+ words that most frequently appear in academic writing, the Academic Word List
  • stresses collocations, word parts, and word forms.

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