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Along the Huron

The Natural Communities of the Huron River Corridor in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Natural Area Preservation Division, Department of Parks and Recreation, City of Ann Arbor
Explores the thirteen natural areas along the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan


The natural areas along the Huron River Corridor in Ann Arbor offer the interested explorer an opportunity to see some of nature's finest works. Among the thirteen natural communities presented, one can see different ecosystems of marshes, meadows, prairies, old fields, shrublands, and various types of forests. Each of the ecosystems offers common, rare, and extremely rare plants to discover and fascinating animals to see.

This readable and easily accessible guide to thirteen gems along the river presents comprehensive trail information and accurate descriptions of the 630 acres of undeveloped green space in Ann Arbor. Each ecosystem is explained in understandable language. Maps of each natural area offer precise and detailed information of what you will see and where you will find what you are looking for. Tables and charts provide concise and informative comparisons of the parks. Useful illustrations and accurate descriptions of the plants, animals, and locations help the explorer get the most pleasure from a visit to every natural community presented in the book.

This guide is the result of the work of more than fifty volunteers who assisted with the inventories of plants, amphibians, butterflies, and breeding birds along the Huron River, numerous volunteers who helped restore the native community, and the cooperation of staff from the University of Michigan and the Washtenaw County Department of Parks and Recreation. It was written by the staff of the Natural Area Preservation Division of the Ann Arbor Department of Parks and Recreation.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . a nifty new guide to 630 acres of undeveloped green space along the river in Ann Arbor. If you are drawn to these acres, or if you'd like to be, check out this book. . . . This book is both readable and useful."
    —Anne Valentine Martino, Ann Arbor News, September 20, 1999
  • "Along the Huron was written with the nature lover in mind. The casual hiker will find useful trail information and descriptions of the natural communities along the way. A more studious amateur naturalist will be able to use plant, bird and butterfly lists to help in their studies. Families will have a reference for their explorations of the natural world. The following selection describes plants that may be spotted along the corridor from season to season."
    Michigan Sports & Fitness, July 2000

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