The Article Book

Practice Toward Mastering a, an, and the
Revised Edition
Tom Cole


Each chapter of the revised edition of The Article Book includes presentation of a rule with examples, exercises (contextualized and cloze), quizzes, and a comprehensive test. While the 50 rules (and 15 exceptions) are taught to provide a logical framework for the text and serve as a handy reference, students will learn through guided practice instead of memorization. The Article Book may serve as either a supplement to any ESL/EFL core text or as a self-study tool for intermediate through advanced learners.

Fish Trek is a well-designed interactive computer game designed specifically to help teach English article usage. It offers six game levels, ten levels of difficulty, and a comprehensive practice session. Feedback is tailored to the question and not the generic "right" or "wrong." A plus for teachers is the test generator feature.

While Fish Trek software supports The Article Book, the book and the software can be used separately.

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