The Glass House

The Life of Theodore Roethke
Allan Seager
Introduction by Donald Hall
The first detailed biography of this renowned American poet


This exquisitely written biography of major American poet Theodore Roethke by his close friend and fellow writer Allan Seager was greeted with great enthusiasm in the literary community when it originally appeared in 1968. Kirkus Reviews found The Glass House “finely wrought, compassionate, intimate, and bound to be of inestimable value to all future Roethke scholars” in its exploration of Roethke’s life and its relationship to his art; critic Hugh Kenner called it “simply the best American biography.”
Biographer Allan Seager interviewed a number of Roethke’s friends and fellow writers, and he had access to the voluminous notes the poet left behind. Seager reveals the Theodore Roethke who existed behind the public persona – a complex, self-contradictory, gentle, often disturbed mysterious, and ruthlessly honest man. One of the book’s most moving passages is the defense of the poet’s role within the university, written by a colleague when Roethke was faced with the threat of dismissal. A committed teacher himself, Seager succeeds in doing justice to an often neglected aspect of Roethke’s achievement, his remarkable power as a teacher, and his unusual and committed teaching style.

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