Michigan and the Great Lakes

Always Leading, Forever Valiant

Stories of the University of Michigan, 1817–2017
Edited by Kim Clarke
An engaging look at the history of the University of Michigan on its 200th birthday


Now 200 years into its remarkable history, the University of Michigan remains at the vanguard of what it means to be a great modern public university. The University’s Bicentennial in 2017 is an ideal opportunity to reflect on the path that Michigan has taken to get here. The engaging, well-illustrated stories in this book celebrate the progressive vision, dedicated individuals, and groundbreaking moments that helped forge the life-changing institution that the University is today. Snapshots of the University’s early years and the founding minds behind them are included alongside engaging narratives about pivotal events like John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corps speech at the Michigan Union and memorable personalities such as “Doc” Losh, Michigan’s first female Professor of Astronomy and official Homecoming Queen for Life. Titled after the official Bicentennial motto, Always Leading, Forever Valiant is the perfect entry point to the University’s 200-year history. The book will appeal to those interested in public institutions and history, along with alumni, students, faculty, and anyone who loves the University of Michigan.
“For 200 years, the people of this university have debated, explored, and—most significantly—shared the complexities of science, the majesty of language, the power of the arts, and the salve of medicine . . .We are a place of endless, captivating stories.”
—Mark S. Schlissel, President of the University of Michigan

“Readers of this charming collection of Michigan stories will be reminded of the vast and enduring influence of a magnificent university and its people. The University of Michigan changes and evolves over the decades but always remains true to the dictum of its first president, Henry Tappan, ‘A University. . . where the mind may be cultivated according to its wants,’ and to its most influential president, James Angell for whom the University made possible ‘an uncommon education for the common man.’”
—Mary Sue Coleman, President Emerita at the University of Michigan
"This book contains a wonderful collection of stories, illustrations, and vignettes to highlight and celebrate the Bicentennial of the University of Michigan. It provides both an entertaining introduction to the University as well as a source of memories for the Michigan family of alumni, students, faculty, and staff.”
—James J. Duderstadt, President Emeritus at the University of Michigan

Kim Clarke is director of communications for the University of Michigan Bicentennial. A writer and editor, she manages the U-M Heritage Project.

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