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Toward Speaking Excellence, Second Edition

The Michigan Guide to Maximizing Your Performance on the TSE® Test and Other Speaking Tests
Second Edition
Dean Papajohn


The second edition of Toward Speaking Excellence addresses the recent changes to the Test of Spoken English (TSE®). The text introduces readers to the format of the new TSE®, typical questions, and scoring criteria. Toward Speaking Excellence, Second Edition , includes actual student responses that are used or modified to highlight specific characteristics of effective communication. Two complete sample TSE®- like tests are included for further practice. Also provided are practice with some of the skills that, while no longer tested on the TSE®, are key to sounding more native-like and fluent.

Toward Speaking Excellence may be used as an individual study tool or as a course text. While the material is directed toward the TSE® and SPEAK® tests, the communication strategies presented will prepare students for other types of oral exams (including the TAST®, interviews, and performance tests). Toward Speaking Excellence is a course book but may also be used for individual test-preparation/self-study.

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  • 2005
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