Women and Class in Japanese History

Volume 25
Hitomi Tonomura, Anne Walthall, and Wakita Haruko, Editors
Studies and critical linkages between the meaning of female domains and the workings of other social institutions.


Women and Class in Japanese History marks an important moment not only in the study of gender and women in Japanese society but also in the development of collaborative efforts between Japanese and Western scholars on the subject. It is a product of half a decade of international seminars and discussions held among scholars of various disciplines and perspectives who share the goal of promoting a better understanding of the historical and contemporary constructions of gender in Japan. Their conclusions, presented in the fourteen essays in this volume, will attract people interested both in the history of Japan and the history of women.

“Every contribution is solid . . . Having examined social fields particular to women, the contributors take a fresh perspective in revising the place of women in broad social, political, and economic contexts. The essays break important new ground both empirically and conceptually.”
—David Howell, in the Journal of Japanese Studies
Hitomi Tonomura is Associate Professor of History, University of Michigan. Anne Walthall is Professor of History, University of California, Irvine. Wakita Haruko is Professor of History in the School of Human Cultures, University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

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