Reading Adrienne Rich

Reviews and Re-Visions, 1951-81
Jane Roberta Cooper, Editor
Celebrates and interprets the work of this major poet and feminist theorist


This collection celebrates and interprets the work of poet and feminist theorist Adrienne Rich, whose work has been instrumental in shaping the women's movement over the last few decades. These essays and reviews trace the changes in Rich's poetry and politics, concentrating on the women's explorations that are at the heart of her work. Reading Adrienne Rich features essays by Judith McDaniel, Claire Keyes, and Wendy Martin, which interpret her work from an historical perspective. Reviews of her work by such noted poets as W. H. Auden, Donald Hall, Margaret Atwood, Hayden Carruth, and Philip Booth document the reception of her poetry and the changing consciousness of her readers since the 1950s.

"Reading Adrienne Rich is unambivalently shaped by a feminist consciousness throughout. The essays are of consistently high quality and work harmoniously with each other. . . It is the 'celebration' that the back cover announces and a work of love. It should be read as such."
---The Women's Review of Books

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