Cultures of Yusin

South Korea in the 1970s
Youngju Ryu, Editor
A broad range of scholars explores the many avenues of cultural production during the Yusin period, casting new light on how it challenged and conformed to the ambitions of the state power


Cultures of Yusin examines the turbulent and yet deeply formative period of time South Korea's Fourth Republic (1972-79), beginning with its declaration by Park Chung Hee and ending with his assassination. With its institution and the dictatorial powers it granted to the president, the Fourth Republic was one of political repression coupled with "total mobilization of society towards modernization and development." While much has been written about the political and economic upheaval during this period, this edited volume brings together a wide range of scholars to explore the rich and varied cultural production-literature, film, television, theater, music, art, architecture, advertising, radio, and sports-of the Yusin period, especially in its relationship to state power. By examining these areas and how they challenged and conformed to the aims of the regime, we are able to see not only the period more clearly but also how it provided the framework for contemporary Korean society.

 “Cultures of Yusin brings to the fore the hitherto neglected area of research: the culture of the 1970s as a site of national identity for both the state and the oppositional social movement; as a site of state indoctrination and mobilization of the citizenry and simultaneously of subversive—and individualized—expression of the people; and as a source of plural meanings and lived experiences for the people, among others. Each chapter presents new factual and historical knowledge on unfamiliar topics, and offers fresh and informed perspectives and interpretations on areas we thought we already knew.”
— Namhee Lee, UCLA

Youngju Ryu is Associate Professor of Korean Literature at the University of Michigan.

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