A Practical Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching

John de Szendeffy
Michigan Teacher Resource


Teachers faced with integrating computers into a second language curriculum will appreciate this helpful, straightforward resource. Unlike the existing scholarly and theoretical texts on computer-assisted language learning (CALL), A Practical Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching gives context and meaning to the computer environment with immediate classroom needs in mind. The text introduces teachers to CALL, offering tips for getting started, and providing an overview of current CALL pedagogy. The author also describes a variety of CALL exercises that teachers can use, including:

  • Writing activities
  • Internet activities
  • Audio/video activities
  • Project activities
  • Text-based activities
  • Content activities

Appendices with useful terminology, software tips, and suggestions for further research are also included in the final section of the book. This textbook applies to a broad spectrum of users and computing environments, and deals with capabilities commonly available on both Macs and PCs.

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