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Collaborations & Innovations

Supporting Multilingual Writers across Campus Units
Nancy DeJoy and Beatrice Quarshie Smith


For decades, U.S. institutions of higher education have discussed ways to meet the needs of multilingual students; the more recent increases in enrollment by international students have created opportunities for productive change across campuses—particularly ways that units can collaborate to better meet those needs.

The chapters in this volume demonstrate that teaching effective communication skills to all students in ways that recognize the needs of multiple language users requires a shift in perspective that approaches multilingualism as an opportunity that is enhanced by the internationalization of higher education because it makes transparent the problems of current structures and disciplinary approaches in accessing those opportunities. A goal of this collection is to address the economic, structural, disciplinary, and pedagogical challenges of making this type of shift in bold and compassionate ways.
Chapters are organized into these four parts--Program-Level Challenges and Opportunities, Opportunities for Enhancing Teacher Training, Multilingualism and the Revision of First-Year Writing, and Integrating Writing Center Insights—and reflect the perspectives of a variety of university language settings. The contributions feature collaborative models and illustrate the need to rethink structures, pedagogies, assessment/evaluation processes, and teacher training for graduate and undergraduate students who will teach writing and other forms of communication. 

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