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Citation Checklist

Authors: please verify that this checklist has been followed in your final manuscript:

  • Citations in the text are listed in your bibliography/references section.
  • All citations use the same style; we recommend using The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • All references are cited in the text.
  • Entries in your bibliography are in alphabetical / numerical order.
  • Entries contain all necessary elements, usually: author(s), date, title, publication, city, page number and DOI (if available).
  • Works by multiple authors are cited with the appropriate number of author names and use “et al.” correctly.
  • Titles are accurate.
  • Names are spelled correctly and contain the information required by the style, such as full first names or initials.
  • Multiple works by the same author(s) repeat the full name(s) [do not use 3-ems instead of the full name(s)].
  • The number sequence for footnotes/endnotes in each chapter is correct and matches the number of notes provided.
  • All quoted passages that need attribution are cited with an endnote.
  • Figures and tables are numbered correctly.
  • Heads and subheads are set up consistently.

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