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For Edited Volumes

___ Please include a separate Word doc with brief (one or two sentences) biographies and affiliations for each contributor.

___ Please ensure that all original signed copies of the Contributor’s Agreements (PDF) have been gathered and sent to the Press. Scans of original paper documents are acceptable. Please do not send contributor agreements in one at a time.

___ Please make sure that the Promotional Blueprint (PDF) has been completed by the volume editor(s).

___ Please save each essay in a separate file, and label the files as shown below to indicate the order in which the chapter or essay will appear in the book. If a chapter has more than one author, use only the first author’s last name.

00_front matter_Contributor name

01_Introduction_Contributor name

02_Chapter_01_Contributor name

03_Chapter_02_Contributor name

04_Chapter_03_Contributor name

05_Chapter_04_Contributor name

06_Chapter_05_Contributor name

07_Conclusion_Contributor name

___ If you do not intend for chapter numbers to appear in the table of contents and/or chapter opening pages, please discuss this with your acquiring editor prior to submitting your final manuscript.

___ If there are images in any of the essays, the volume editor is responsible for completing the Final Manuscript Submission Log (FMSL). All art throughout the volume should be accounted for in one log.

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