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When formatting the final manuscript, please make sure that these steps have been followed:

___ All text is in Word doc files with 12pt double-spaced type (including block quotations, notes, reference lists, captions, and bibliographies). The default text font to use is Times New Roman; however, sometimes additional fonts are needed in order to embed the required characters. Please see the more detailed Font Guidelines.

___ Margins are 1 1/2 inch on the left and 1 inch on the top, right, and bottom.

___ Pages are numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript, starting with page 1 on the half-title page, e.g., if Chapter 1 ends on page 72, Chapter 2 should start at page 73.

___ The first line of each paragraph is indented, and there are no extra line spaces between paragraphs.

___ Your table of contents matches your chapter titles exactly. Note: you do not need to provide page numbers on your table of contents.

___ All notes are formatted as endnotes within each chapter document. If you prefer the printed book to have footnotes rather than endnotes, please discuss this with your acquiring editor prior to submitting your final manuscript.

___ You have inserted “callouts” in your text to indicate approximately where each illustration and table should be placed (e.g., “<Insert Fig03.tif>”).

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