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Marketing and Sales

Marketing Your Book

A marketing campaign for your book begins in advance of publication. The marketing department will use the information you provide to develop review lists, press releases, conference setups, targeted e-mails and electronic marketing, and opportunities for space advertising. This information is transferred via the Marketing Information Form, which provides the foundation of our efforts to target the best possible market opportunities for your book, so thorough answers on this document are essential. Please also continue to send us information, such as new speaking events and possible sales leads as marketing efforts continue.

When the time comes, the marketing manager assigned to your book will send you the Marketing Information Form, usually via e-mail. You will see that it is broken up into questions about your own contacts, potential review publications, awards, exhibits, conferences, and web marketing information. Please contact your marketing manager with any questions as you complete the form. Once this form is returned, your marketing manager will be checking in with you periodically to let you know how marketing efforts are progressing.

An official publication date is set once bound books arrive in the warehouse; this date depends on a variety of factors, including our marketing plan for the book. During this time, books are sent to reviewers, complimentary copies are mailed, and books are put on deposit at the Library of Congress for copyright registration. Books are copyrighted in the name of the University of Michigan unless your contract specifies otherwise.

For additional information about the marketing of your book and resources for how to publicize your book as the author, browse this folder.

Royalty Statements

Royalties are calculated annually (January 1 to December 31). The statements will be mailed, or made available electronically, no later than March 31. Payments will be mailed under separate cover by March 31 and are mailed to the address we have on file for you. Therefore, to ensure you receive your royalty statements and payments, please notify your acquisitions editor if your address changes after you sign your contract. Refer to your contract for specific royalty arrangements.

Ordering Books

Books can be ordered through our distributor using the contact information on the Ordering page. Let the customer service representative know of your author discount as specified in your contract.

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