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Submitting the Final Manuscript

***Before submitting your final manuscript, please download the Final Manuscript Submission Checklist (.docx) to ensure you have included all expected items.***

When submitting the final, formatted manuscript, please ensure that front matter materials, individual chapters, and back matter sections have been saved in separate Word doc files and have been labeled correctly.

Please use 2-digit numbers at the start of each file name, so that the files sort correctly. Please use 00 at the start of the front matter text file. The front matter file can contain everything at the start of the manuscript up to, but not including, the Introduction. If there is an Introduction, it’s fine to begin that file name with 01. Sometimes there will be a part title page with text, too, and then that might be 02. So, for example, sometimes the book’s actual Chapter 1 might be text file name 03, and that’s fine. For example:

  • 00_Frontmatter.docx
  • 01_Introduction.docx
  • 02_Part01.docx
  • 03_Chapter01.docx

Please also follow the additional guidelines below:

___ Supply a table of contents and other front matter which may include a dedication, foreword, preface, and acknowledgments.

___ Remove all tables, as well as all images, including charts, from the manuscript text files and supply each of them as separate files, with each table and image file clearly labeled. For your convenience, here is a link to the general art guidelines, which include art file labeling instructions: Image and Table Preparation

___ If physical art files are needed (e.g., photo prints), label each on the back with the illustration number and make sure they have been packaged securely and shipped to the Press. Please do not submit irreplaceable or valuable items; have these items professionally photographed or scanned, if possible, and provide the electronic files instead.

___ Please complete the Final Manuscript Submission Log. Instructions can be found here: Final Manuscript Submission Log Instructions (.docx).

___ Please include a list of captions and alt text for all illustrations, including credit lines if required, in a single document. For clarity, list the Figure 1 caption, Figure 1 alt text, Figure 2 caption, Figure 2 alt text, etc., all in one document. If you prefer not to have captions for your illustrations, please discuss this with your acquiring editor prior to submitting your final manuscript. You will still need alt text for each image, even if you do not have captions.

___ Supply a separate list of tables, if applicable.

___ Supply a separate list of illustrations, if applicable.

___ If your manuscript includes languages other than the primary language used in the manuscript, please provide a list of the languages used in the manuscript.

___ If your manuscript includes display math (e.g., formulas, equations), please provide details of how the equations were created (e.g., what program was used) and how many there are in the manuscript. If there are more than 5, please provide samples to your editor as early as possible, so the Press can confirm that they can be edited and printed successfully.

___ If your manuscript includes poetry excerpts, please format them with correct indentation levels and line breaks and provide a PDF of the original, if possible. This helps with the typesetting process.

___ If there is anything other than plain text in any part of your book, e.g., scientific formulas, mathematical symbols, diacritics, foreign-language accents or characters, or icons, please discuss this with your acquiring editor prior to submitting your final manuscript. (See Fonts and Unusual Characters in Manuscripts.)

___ If subvention or grant funding has been acquired, please submit any specific acknowledgment wording as required by the funding body.

___ Please supply a digital PDF file of the complete manuscript. Before submitting, please check to make sure it’s accurate, especially if you have used any non-western foreign language (see Fonts and Unusual Characters in Manuscripts), unusual characters, musical symbols, diacritics or unusual fonts. This ensures the Press has an accurate representation of all the elements in the manuscript to refer to.

___ Please send in your completed Promotional Blueprint (PDF).

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