Spring 2013 Catalog

Welcome to our electronic catalog of upcoming books for Spring 2013. This catalog, as in previous seasons, has been built from the ground up to be read online. It includes the following features:

  • Click on any book title and you’ll be taken to that book's Web detail page for additional information.
  • Virtually anything in color and all series and subject listings are live links that will take you to more information on that item or topic.
  • Viewing the catalog in Full Screen Mode allows you to read full page spreads without magnifying.
  • You can create a new PDF of just the catalog pages you'd like to print out.
  • You can share a single book's catalog page, or the entire catalog, via e-mail or on social networking sites.

Launch the Catalog

Download the Catalog: Spring 2013 Catalog - PDF


This catalog was built with reviewers in mind. For each book, you'll find the nitty gritty details by clicking on the book cover or title, which will take you to the Web detail page.

For the full press kit on trade/general interest books, click on the Additional Digital Materials link—it'll take to you to the kit, which typically contains high resolution author photos, book cover photos, press releases, author biographies, and in some cases extra material ranging from photo galleries to musical samples.

Want to clip a few books out of the catalog to e-mail to your editor or a reviewer working for you? Use the PDF icon to click on the pages you'd like to share. It'll save them in a separate file for you. The Print button allows you to select individual titles, too.

For more media resources, visit our For Media page.


To request an examination or desk copy, visit our For Instructors page for instructions.