Information for Authors and Prospective Authors

Top 10 Ways to Not Get Your Manuscript Published

This list was developed by Keith S. Folse and Kelly Sippell and presented at TESOL 2005 in San Antonio, Texas. To find out what TO DO to get your manuscript published, email

  1. Write the whole book before you submit the idea to a publisher.

  1. Send your manuscript or proposal blind, without having made contact with the editor at the publishing office.

  1. Neglect to do your homework as to which publisher to send your proposal/inquiry email to.

  1. Neglect to do your homework in terms of the competition for your proposed book project.

  1. Ignore the realities of an acceptable contract with an ESL publisher.

  1. Shirk some of your responsibilities as an author.

  1. Resist the guidance of reviewers and your editor.

  1. Insist on doing the illustrations or audiotaping.

  1. Demand approval into design and marketing matters.

  1. Think all your work is done once you have submitted the final manuscript.