Information for Authors under Contract

Guidelines for ESL/ELT and Applied Linguistics Authors' Websites

  1. Get approval from your acquisitions editor before you post portions of the book that would exceed fair use. If you have questions regarding what constitutes fair use and who controls the rights to electronic publication of your work, please contact your editor.

  2. Mention that the book is published by the University of Michigan Press, with a link back to ESL/ELT Michigan:

    <a href="">ESL/ELT at the University of Michigan Press</a>

  3. Supply ISBN but not price. We ask that you not supply price because that information may change over time. Similarly, you should refrain from supplying other information that may change over time, such as predicted publication date.

  4. Link to Press ordering Information:

    <a href="">Ordering Information</a>

  5. Notify the Webmaster so that we can link to the site. Let us know if the URL changes, or if the page is taken down.