Information for Authors and Prospective Authors

7 Steps to Submitting an ESL/ELT Textbook Proposal

Please do not send PDFs or Office 2007 files.

  1. Write a project rationale, or a general overview of the project—the theory behind it and its goals. You may also choose to include a section outlining your book's unique features.

  2. Describe the type of book it is in terms of skill level, audience, the type of classes and settings in which it's been used, and any other developmental work that's been completed.

  3. List (and analyze where appropriate) the project's competition in the marketplace—the competing books' strengths and weaknesses and the niche your project fills.

  4. List the proposed table of contents if the manuscript is not complete. It's helpful to include a description of the sections and/or types of exercises and what they are designed to accomplish. If possible, submit the necessary introductory material, such as To the Student and/or To the Teacher.

  5. Submit only two or three complete chapters/units.

  6. Tell us how to get in touch with you—address (with street address so UPS can find you), telephone number, fax number, e-mail address. You may also submit your CV.

Submit your manuscript to:

The University of Michigan Press
839 Greene Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3209
734-615-1540 (fax)