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Clear Grammar Placement Test: Part 2

Keith S. Folse, Series Editor

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  1. Please return         to the refrigerator after you use it.

    a milk
    the milk

  2. I liked some of the movie, but I didn't like        .

    the end of the movie
    the end's movie
    the movie's end
    the movie of the end

  3.         to the park yesterday?

    Did you go
    Did you went
    Have you went
    Have you gone

  4. He took a business trip to Toronto. Of course he took        .

    him computer with his
    him computer with him
    his computer with his
    his computer with him

  5. That pen is not very good. Please don't use        .

    the other

  6. Brenda had five difficult tests. She made 100 on every test. She         study a lot.


  7. The manager said that         was the best.

    Kevin's report
    Kevins' report
    the Kevin's report
    the report of Kevin

  8. I had two keys. I have one here, but do you know where Marina put        ?

    another one
    the other one

  9. The smell of onions is         the smell of oranges.

    more strong from
    more strong than
    stronger from
    stronger than

  10. I         to get up early tomorrow morning.

    had better

  11. I need a present for Mary's birthday. This book looks interesting, so I might buy        .

    her for it
    it for her
    she for them
    them for she

  12. There         many famous military leaders in the history of the modern world.

    have been
    has been
    were being

  13. Joe is a great student. He        .

    rarely a test fails
    rarely fails a test
    fails a test rarely
    fails rarely a test

  14. I think that this shirt is         than that shirt.

    more beautiful
    more cheap
    the cheapest
    the most beautiful

  15. We go to class late. When we walked in, the other students         an exam.

    have taken
    were taken
    were taking

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