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Clear Grammar Placement Test: Part 4

Keith S. Folse, Series Editor

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  1. Henry has traveled all over the world. He is only 30 years old, but he has already visited 50 countries. When he was only 20 years old, he         20 countries.

    had visited already
    had already visited
    has visited already
    has already visited

  2. Although the statistics regarding the number of deaths from tornadoes and other wind storms vary considerably from year to year, approximately seventy-three people         from these storms in the United States.

    annual die
    die annually
    annual dead
    dead annually

  3. I cannot eat seafood.         me that that restaurant served nothing but seafood, I would not have gone there.

    If someone tells
    Someone had told
    Would someone tell
    Had someone told

  4. Although we tend to think that they are basically the same animal, dolphins, porpoises, and fish are not alike; despite how similar they might seem, these three animals         dolphins and porpoises are mammals while fish are not.

    different in that
    different so that
    differ in that
    differ so that

  5.         sound intelligent in a second language is a good grasp of vocabulary and a solid knowledge of English grammar.

    What does a second language learner make
    What makes a second language learner
    That does a second language learner make
    That makes a second language learner

  6. Written in central Canada in the early part of the twentieth century,       , depicts life in Manitoba.

    The Midnight Sun was Victor Frank's last novel
    The Midnight Sun, which was Victor Frank's last novel
    Victor Frank's last novel The Midnight Sun
    it was Victor Frank's last novel, The Midnight Sun

  7. Before         to bed last night, I took two aspirin with a large glass of water.

    I went
    I go
    to go
    having to go

  8. I'm sorry I         to your party. I had to work late.

    couldn't have gone
    couldn't go
    shouldn't have gone
    shouldn't go

  9. You're such a wonderful singer. You         have taken lessons from a voice coach.

    had better
    ought to
    should not

  10. Of all the books that Jalstony wrote in the eighteenth century, perhaps the best known         Birds Flying Wildly.

    about those are
    about those is
    of those are
    of those is

  11. None of the countries in Asia that we discussed in our last class meeting         much oil for export so far. Experts are pondering the possible causes of this situation.

    has produced
    have produced

  12.         your salary is so low, you should ask for a raise.

    Given that

  13. In these past few years, medical science, especially the field of human gene therapy,         an amazing number of new innovations.

    had seen
    has seen
    was seen
    is seen

  14. Much to the happy surprise of many pet shop owners, freshwater and marine aquariums         popular in the U.S. so that many families now have an aquarium.

    have become
    have increased
    had become
    had increased

  15.         each other for such a long time, we are almost like brothers.

    Because we have known
    Because we know
    Unless we have known
    Unless we know

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