Digital Editions

MICHIGAN ELT is committed to supporting instructors with dynamic digital editions, whether they are teaching online courses or supporting traditional classroom instruction. From ebooks to our own online learning platform, we offer a range of materials to help your students succeed in an expanding digital learning environment.


Many of our print books are also available as ebooks. If a print book is also available in digital form, an ebook ISBN will show under Related Products on the book’s description page on our website. The format of the ebook available—whether Adobe Digital Editions, Amazon Print Replica, EPUB, or e-textbook on the Ublish platform—depends on rights and copyright restrictions and which digital format is better suited for each product. Often, ebooks are only available in one format. In the case of digital editions sold by Amazon, if you click on Add to Cart, you will be directed to the page on Amazon. In the case of e-textbooks on the Ublish platform, you will be directed to to register an account to purchase access.

E-Textbooks and Video Products Available on the Ublish Platform

Products available from Ublish include e-textbooks and some videos that supplement other textbooks. Customers can preview products under the Details tab at

If products are available for inspection, click on the For Instructors Request Resources button below the book cover. Instructors must register on the site to receive materials. All products sold on this site are available for sale only direct to students. No bulk or access code purchase is possible.

Students also must register before purchasing access. These products cannot be printed or downloaded. Purchasing access requires going to the book’s page and following this path: Access, Add to Cart, View Cart, Proceed to Checkout, Registering an account, Payment. The product will then appear under My Subscriptions.

Instructors and students are strongly encouraged to use their university email address when registering.

E-textbooks on this site allow for bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking. Notes can be saved and downloaded as a pdf.


E-singles are quick introductions (of around 60-80 pages) on a variety of topics and issues for today’s (ESL) instructors. They are available from Amazon and are priced around $3.99. Currently, e-singles are in the What Every (ESL) Teacher Needs to Know and Best of Michigan series. View a complete list of titles here.

Companion Websites

Textbooks with accompanying companion websites that offer interactive activities and/or audio files or videos for students are can be found at