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Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics

by Michael Joyce

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Comfort of Knowing We Are Not Lost1

Part 1: Of Two Minds: Hypertext Contexts
[View outline.]

Hypertext and Hypermedia19

What I Really Wanted to Do I Thought 31

Part 2: Siren Shapes: Hypertext Pedagogy
[View outline.]

Siren Shapes: Exploratory and Constructive Hypertexts 39

Interstitial: Networks of Woven Water-The Dangers of Transparency 61

What the Fish Lady Saw: Patterns Out of Disjointedness in Two Hypertext Writing Communities 67

Interstitial: Everyone's Story Goes On without Us 85

"So Much Time, so Little to Do": Empowering Silence and the Electric Book 91

A Memphite Topography: Governance and the City of Text 105

New Teaching: Toward a Pedagogy for a New Cosmology 117

Interstitial: Silicon Valley Maoists and Ohio Zen 127

Part 3: Contours: Hypertext Poetics
[View outline.]

Selfish Interaction: Subversive Texts and the Multiple Novel 135

Interstitial: Dead White Men Also Compute 149

The Geography of the Word: The Textfile as Landscape 159

"The Ends of Print Culture" (a work in progress) 173

Interstitial: Artists' Statements-Giving Way(s) before the Touch 185

Hypertext Narrative 189

What Happens as We Go? Hypertext Contour, Interactive Cinema, Virtual Reality, and the Interstitial Arts of Jeffrey Shaw and Grahame Weinbren 199

The Momentary Advantage of Our Awkwardness 219

A Feel for Prose: Interstitial Linksand the Contours of Hypertext 227

Appendix: Descriptive Summaries to Chapter Four 247

Notes 261

Works Cited 269

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