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Catching Up with the Competition: Trade Opportunities and Challenges for Arab Countries

Bernard Hoekman and Jamel Zarrouk, Editors



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PART ONE: Where Does the Region Stand?

1. Beyond the Year 2000: Implications of the Middle East's Recent Trade Performance
Alexander J. Yeats and Francis Ng

2. Agricultural Trade and Rural Development in the Middle East and North Africa
Dean A. DeRosa

3. Intra-Industry Trade of Arab Countries: An Indicator of Potential Competitiveness
Oleh Havrylshyn and Peter Kunzel

PART TWO: Quantifying the Gains from Liberalization

4. Assessing the Implications for Lebanon of Free Trade with the European Union
Will Martin

5. A Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and a Representative Arab Mediterranean Country: A Quantitative Assessment
Thomas F. Rutherford, Elisabet E. Rutstrom, and David Tarr

6. Rents, Red Tape, and Regionalism: Economic Effects of Deeper Integration
Bernard Hoekman and Denise Konan

PART THREE: Policy Challenges

7. Enhancing Egypt's Exports
James H. Cassing, Samiha Fawzy, Denis Gallagher, and Hanaa Kheir-El-Din

8. Regulatory Regimes and Trade Costs
Jamel Zarrouk

9. Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights in Lebanon
Keith E. Maskus

PART FOUR: Institutional Options

10. The Greater Arab Free Trade Area: Limits and Possibilities
Jamel Zarrouk

11. Benefiting from WTO Accession and Membership
Bernard Hoekman and Jayanta Roy



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