Acknowledgments vii
Introduction: An Overview of Lawsuits against the Gun Industry 1
timothy d. lytton
PART I Perspectives on Gun Violence, Gun Control,
& the Gun Industry
1. A Public Health Perspective on Gun Violence Prevention 39
julie samia mair, stephen teret, &
shannon frattaroli
2. The Limited Importance of Gun Control
from a Criminological Perspective 62
don b. kates
3. The American Gun Industry: Designing &
Marketing Increasingly Lethal Weapons 84
tom diaz
4. A Cultural Critique of Gun Litigation 105
dan m. kahan, donald braman, & john gastil
PART II Perspectives on Gun Litigation
5. Private Lawyers, Public Lawsuits: Plaintiffs’
Attorneys in Municipal Gun Litigation 129
howard m. erichson
vi �� Contents
6. The NRA, the Brady Campaign, & the Politics of Gun Litigation timothy d. lytton 7. Gun Litigation in the Mass Tort Context richard a. nagareda 8. Comparing Tobacco & Gun Litigation stephen d. sugarman 152 176 196
PART III Gun Litigation as a Regulatory Response to Gun Violence
9. Why Regulating Guns through Litigation Won’t Work peter h. schuck 10. The Complementary Role of Tort Litigation in Regulating the Gun Industry timothy d. lytton 11. Stubborn Information Problems & the Regulatory Bene‹ts of Gun Litigation wendy wagner 12. Liability Insurance & the Regulation of Firearms tom baker & thomas o. farrish 225 250 271 292
13. Gun Litigation & the Constitution brannon p. denning Afterword timothy d. lytton 315 339
Notes Contributors 355 415
Table of Cases 419
Index 423