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Love and Logic

The Evolution of Blake's Thought
Stephen Cox
A fresh and readable explanation of Blake's major work that explores the relationship between love and logic in his writing


Stephen Cox is Associate Professor of Literature and Director of the Revelle College Humanities Program, University of California, San Diego. 

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . it is worthwhile to have someone remind us, from a strongly intentionalist, mildly historicist perspective, that Blake did care more for mastery, persuasion, clarity, and a stable truth than many contemporary critics would comfortably admit. Blake's language and imagery, his psychology and his ideology continue to be fair game for critics fascinated by the capacity for play in his kaleidoscopic work. But these readings will also continue to contend with a tradition of interpretation which emphasizes the coherence and teleology of Blake's thought, a tradition now infused with new energy by Love and Logic."
    --Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly
  • ". . . challenging, controversial, and likely to prompt a reevaluation of Blake's encounter with Western philosophy."
    --European Romantic Review

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  • 1992
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