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The Economics and the Ethics of Constitutional Order

James M. Buchanan
Nobel Laureate James Buchanan questions how people can live together in peace, prosperity, and justice


Praise / Awards

  • "[Buchanan] analyzes how the rules by which a society is to be governed are and should be chosen, and how they work once they are decided upon. . . . [T]he best single source from which to acquire a grasp of this relatively new area of analysis."
    Journal of Economics
  • "These essays easily confirm that Buchanan is more than an ordinary scholar. They sparkle, inform, and provoke throughout. This series of essays is a must not only for serious scholars but also for those who wish to remember, understand, and participate in the conversation about the intellectual underpinnings which have made and continue to make liberty, order, and prosperity possible."
    Journal of Economics
  • ". . . extends the structure of Buchanan's thought in important ways . . . a welcome addition to the Buchanan corpus."
    —Dennis C. Mueller, Public Choice

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  • 272pp.
  • figures, tables.
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  • 1991
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  • 978-0-472-10222-8

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