A Good Quarrel


U.S. Supreme Court interior From the Preface: A Good Quarrel offers eleven firsthand accounts of arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court. While reading the analyses of landmark Supreme Court cases in the book, provided by some of the best court reporters in the nation, you—the reader—can listen to audio files of these same Supreme Court arguments in one of two ways. Click on each case and simply listen through your computer, or, if you prefer to leave your computer behind and listen to the audio on-the-go or as you read the book, then you can download the MP3 files to an MP3 player.

Whichever method you choose, the audio supplements for each chapter are available below:

  • The Clips link refers to the clips our authors have chosen to demonstrate particular points in their analysis. These clips appear in page order in the book, and we reference each one with a page number as well as with a short description.
  • You can also click on Oral Argument, which allows you to listen to the entire argument of a case from start to finish.
  • Finally, Opinion and Opinion Announcement allow you to read the Court's opinion in these cases and to hear (when available) the announcement of that opinion in open court.

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Page 3: Marshal of the Court calls "Oyez, Oyez, Oyez."

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Supreme Court

Timothy R. Johnson teaches in the Department of Political Science and the Law School at the University of Minnesota.

Jerry Goldman teaches political science at Northwestern University and directs the OYEZ Project, a multimedia archive devoted to the Supreme Court, at www.oyez.org.


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A Good Quarrel
America's Top Legal Reporters Share Stories from Inside the Supreme Court
Editors: Timothy R. Johnson and Jerry Goldman
With a foreword by Richard J. Lazarus
More Information:www.press.umich.edu/243263/good_quarrel
Cloth 978-0-472-11636-2
Paper 978-0-472-03326-3